How to Write a BadAss Psychology Today Profile

Writing your Psychology Today profile can be a truly miserable experience. You find yourself tweaking the thing almost daily, and you still don't know what the hell to to write.

Friends, I'm here to help.

Not only do I have a FREE, 5-day video e-course, "Take your Psychology Today Profile From Bad to BADASS," but I also recently did a drawing on my Facebook page for a free PT Teardown. Rachel Kalina was the lucky winner, and this week I've posted the video from our chat. Enjoy!



  • (3:00) Notice how I steered the conversation towards the parents and how they think & talk about their teens - why did I do that?
  • The Creepy Coffee Shop Exercise (6:07) - you can use this to tweak your PT copy so that you're actually using words/phrases that your ideal client uses (no more therapy jargon or psychobabble!).
  • (7:18) Just because you have a ton of experience in something doesn't necessarily mean that should be...
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