Don’t Make Me Niche Slap You: The Top 5 Reasons to make a Niche your Bitch

So here’s the thing: You’re still not sure about this whole “narrowing down a niche” idea.

Whenever someone asks you about your niche (or your ideal client, or your preferred population, or your target market), a little part of you dies inside.

Lately, you’ve been feeling this pressure to define an exact, specific client population that you will serve for the rest of your life.

Well Fuck. That.

You were trained in models, not people. You learned the importance of taking a client-centered treatment approach so that you could work with a wide variety of clients in many situations. In fact, part of the reason you chose your graduate program was because you knew the training you were going to receive would prepare you to help people in all walks of life, not just one tiny part of the population.

Fast-forward a few years. You’re finally building that private practice you always dreamed of, and you’re daydreaming of being...

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