Do This One Thing And You’ll Never Worry About Money AGAIN

So here were are again, folks – the holiday season. While everyone else is humming holiday jingles and buying Dirty Santa presents, you’re sitting alone in your office after you had yet another cancellation.


 What is it with the holidays and people not showing up to their therapy appointments? My theory is that people live in denial during the Holidays, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best as they embark upon what is easily the most stressful time of the entire year. After 3 weeks of disappointment, they come to their senses around the first of January, and suddenly I don’t have an opening until March.

So why do we continue to stress out every December, wondering how we’re going to pay our rent, utilities, subscriptions, and still put food on the table? It’s almost like we forget that December tends to be a slow month, and then we get into a panic when we have 3 days straight of no-shows, cancellations, and clients who reschedule...

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