A Self-guided course designed to help you organize your business systems, streamline your marketing strategy, and fill your practice with clients who are willing AND happy to pay you.

You’re One Step Away From Having a BADASS Therapy Practice…



It seemed like every time I would get something done for my practice, another 10 things would pop up.

It was overwhelming.

It was scary.

And for someone who's already Type A (and definitely more on the anxious side), I started to wonder if I was actually cut out for private practice or if I should just go back to my "safe" (but soul-sucking) agency job.

I looked online, and it seemed like every coach out there told me they had "The secret to building a wildly successful, full-time private practice." Only thing was, I had to pay them more than I was making all year just to maybe get this "magic recipe for success."

I wasn't buying it. There just had to be an easier way.


But then something amazing happened.

I realized that there wasn't ONE secret to building a successful private practice after all!

There were several of them.

First, I learned that having organizational systems helped my practice run without me constantly having to second-guess how I was doing everything. It also freed me up to spend more time doing things that actually generated revenue.

Then I realized that I had been attracting the wrong clients who not only couldn't pay me, but who also didn't value my time. This led me to question my own clinical competency, and I almost quit (thank God the Universe had other plans).

Turns out, everything I was doing to try and market my practice was wrong. But this is what everyone told me to do! Why isn't this working?!

So I learned strategic ways to attract my ideal clients AND make them loyal to me (that part is so important, but no one ever talks about it).

Over time, I also began to find creative ways to generate consistent referrals and keep them coming in month after month.

I finally started to see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel (and it wasn't an oncoming train!).

Here's what I know:

  1. Starting and growing a private practice can feel overwhelming, terrifying, and isolating. If you're a newbie or still in the planning stages, you want to make sure you're setting yourself and your practice up for success, but with so much contradictory information out there, you have no idea where to start. 
  2. If you've been in practice for a little while, you're feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to do All.The.Things to market your practice: Blogging, posting on your Facebook business page, creating content for Instagram, and you've even considered creating a Youtube channel or a podcast. You wonder if it really has to be this way, or if there is a simpler way to grow your practice. (Psst...there is!)
  3. You want to learn how to get predictable and reliable referrals so that you can finally stop doing shit that doesn't actually work.
  4. You're ready to build a therapy practice that runs like a well-oiled machine so that you can actually enjoy the time you spend outside the office (instead of stressing about how far behind you always are).

Let me be crystal clear.

The fact that you don't know how to successfully market your practice isn't your fault.

The fact that you don't know the first thing about how to get organized isn't your fault.

The fact that you don't (yet) have a badass therapy practice isn't your fault.

But now there's one BIG problem...


You can't use that excuse anymore.



I'm Laura Long, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and creator of Your Badass Therapy Practice. I was tired of hearing the same shitty advice that's handed out to therapists who are struggling to grow their private practices, so I decided to start creating content to dispel the myth that you have to lose your mind in order to gain clients. Turns out, I knew some things that other coaches didn't.

And now I'm sharing it with you.

Your life now...

  • You decided to start private practice so that you could be your own boss and have a more flexible schedule, BUT you find that you spend more time on the tedious, non-billable, annoying parts of your business than you do seeing clients. And you're exhausted.
  • You scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and see therapists in other practice-building groups who look like they have it all together. You check out their websites and immediately feel intimidated and panicky.
  • When it comes to marketing, you feel like a chicken with its head cut off, frantically trying to put random pieces of the marketing puzzle together without much success. You feel like you've tried everything to grow your practice, but nothing really seems to be working, at least not consistently.
  • You want to charge more, but you're so afraid that you'll lose clients if you do...as it is, you find yourself offering a sliding scale the second you state your fee.


  • Checking your email on Monday morning (after taking the entire weekend off) to find that you have 3 new appointment requests.
  • Having a new intake that goes so smoothly that you know exactly what to do next to keep that client loyal to you.
  • Feeling so organized that you're able to work within your predetermined boundaries without having to do notes from home...ever.
  • Being so confident in the value that you provide to clients that you're able to increase your fee by $5, $10, or even $20 without panic...and having clients who are excited to see you regardless of your fee. 

What's included?


INSTANT access to ALL course content

You'll receive instant access to the entire program, which includes TONS of content to help you craft your BADASS therapy practice. From video walk-throughs, fillable worksheets, form templates & scripts, and video interviews with other industry experts, you'll learn exactly how to build a practice that fits your life (and not the other way around).  I'll also give you specific action steps each week to propel you forward.

Each module includes professionally-recorded videos with detailed strategies, tactics, and specific action steps to take each week.

For added accountability and for hands-on learning, you'll have access to stunning, fillable pdf worksheets that are actually FUN to work complete...

and there will be plenty of bonus content, including Q&A interviews with industry experts where we dive deep into the most important parts of building a BADASS Therapy practice.


Here's a rundown of each module in the program:







*NEW* Pre-game Module

In this brand-new module, you'll get crystal-clear on your goals for the program and take inventory of your practice as it stands today. This will help you organize your time, understand your "why," and make a plan for how you're going to keep yourself accountable as you go through the course content.

 Module 1: Your Roadmap

In Module 1, you'll learn why most people don't follow through on their goals and how you can stay laser-focused on your big picture while also breaking it down into bite-sized, juicy pieces.

I'll give you fillable pdf worksheets to help you organize these big ideas in your head about what you want your practice to look like so that you can actually start making progress instead of doing 15 different things at once.

We'll also cover important topics that lay the groundwork for your practice: Your niche, ideal client, and your ideal schedule. I'll give you the tools to work through each of these vital elements of your practice so that you can confidently begin to build your BADASS therapy practice.

Module 2: Your Systems

If your practice isn't running like clockwork, something is wrong. You may not notice it when you only see 5 clients/week, but once your practice starts to take off (and it will if you follow this program), you'll start to feel like pulling your hair out...and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that look just doesn't work for your face shape. 

In Module 2, you'll spend TWO WHOLE WEEKS diving deep into the most important systems you need to build a practice that runs seamlessly while you sleep. The more clients you see, the more important systems are going to be for scaling your practice down the road.

 Module 3: Your Loyal Clients

In Module 3, you'll learn SO MANY ways to create clients who are so loyal to you as their therapist that they practically have your number on speed dial when future problems arise. The easiest intake is the one you do with a client you've already helped before.

I'll also help you overcome the common pitfalls that therapists face when they try to stand out from the clusterfuck of other therapists in their areas. You'll discover your Authentic Personal Brand, and what it is about you that makes people want to see YOU!

And yes, you CAN encourage client loyalty in a way that is ethical and adds value to your clients. Speaking of value...

Module 4: Your Value & Fees

In this module, you'll learn about the interesting marketing psychology behind price sensitivity and insensitivity and how this can help you change your mindset around the value you provide to your clients, as well as your fees. 

I'll also share the one mistake I made in my first year of private practice that cost me $45,000. I'll obviously show you how to avoid that, as well as give you access to a handy-dandy badass income calculator so that you can figure out exactly how much you can earn using real numbers.

 Module 5: Your Marketing

You see it all over the place.

"Create a Facebook Business Page! Start a Twitter account! Instagram is where it's at! Webinars, people!!! Podcasting is THE way to get new clients! Blog every single day for that organic traffic!"

Marketing week is where I dispel the most common myths about building a practice by taking this advice by its neck and throwing it against a brick wall. I'll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-fucking-step through the absolute best way to market your practice...

Without cold-calling.

Without sounding like a narcissistic asshole.

And without spending 10+ hrs a day updating 10 different social media sites (thank God).

Module 6: Your Website

Y'know, that thing that you've already spent a bagillion hours on making endless, minor tweaks in order to unlock the "secret code" of design, copy...and let's not forget the dreaded SEO game.

In this module, I'll show you how to craft a website that speaks directly to your ideal client while also letting your authentic badassery shine through, confidently and unapologetically.


Wrapping Up & Goals Review

In the final week of the program, I'll take all of the previous' weeks' content, organize it into a beautiful gift box, and tie it with a fancy-ass bow.

You'll take some time to reflect on everything you've learned in the program and celebrate all of your small and big wins.


Program Testimonials

"Her out-of-the-box thinking is something I haven't seen in any of the other practice building classes I have taken."

"'Your BADASS Therapy Practice' gave me valuable tools and insight to improve my website, my systems, and my networking. She gave us the roadmap, the templates, and the support we needed to take our practice to the next level.

Laura was completely engaged every step of the way, and was always available to help us with any questions we had. Laura's insights are amazing– she takes the time to really know your business and your specific talents and she helps you come up with unique ways to build a business that you love!

Her out-of-the-box thinking is something I haven't seen in any of the other practice building classes I have taken; I would recommend anyone take this course FIRST– you won't need any others!"

- Amy McManus, LMFT in Los Angeles, CA

"The overall value I obtained from Laura is priceless. She believed in me and made me realize that I truly am a badass!"

"As someone who is currently in the planning stages of building my private practice, 'Your BADASS Therapy Practice' taught me how to establish goals for my future practice, refine what systems I want to have in place, and how to market to the type of clients I want to work with. Most of all, I learned how to find value within myself.   

Laura is real and I appreciate her being straightforward and genuine. The personal connection I have with her goes beyond the course assignments. I felt I could contact her whenever I needed questions answered or some suggestions about a topic.

The perspectives she presented were ones that I had never thought of before. Is the work easy? Hell no! As business owners, all of the topics presented must stay in the front of our minds for the practice to stay alive successfully."

-Missy Riddles, LPCC in Oklahoma City, OK

"This course helped me push past my procrastination."

"When I first started 'Your BADASS Therapy Practice,' I was in the beginning stages of building my practice. I didn't have anything finalized because I took FOREVER to make decisions.

I loved getting the weekly homework assignments because I felt like there was a deadline and it forced me to make a decision. I had already done all the research, this course helped me push past my procrastination."

-Molly Johnson, MSFT in Mesa, AZ

"My theme for this year is Focus thanks to this course!"

"This is not my first rodeo and I do pretty well with a full caseload in my practice. 'Your BADASS Therapy Practice' helped me to focus on the concept of Whole-Assing one thing rather then Half-Assing too many things at once. My theme for this year is Focus thanks to this course!

Laura also kicked my ass in gear to get more of the foundational pieces of my business tweaked and shored up. I have had lots of insights and feel very positive about the direction of my badass therapy practice!"

-Lynn Dutrow, LCPC in Frederick, MD

"What I learned from this course made me more efficient and helped me discover things about my business."

"I really felt like Laura was speaking right to me every week. She asked questions that I didn't really think about before. What I learned from the course made me more efficient and helped me discover things about my business. I still communicate with others in the Facebook group, too. We all had something in common: A desire to improve something about our practices.

Not only did Laura bring a lot of wisdom about being a business owner and a therapist, but she also brought herself. It's hard to describe in a few words what that really means, so I will just leave it at this: Laura brings herself. Yes she's my coach, but she's also my friend. There's no better person to help you than a friend you feel you can trust."

-Klarece Grudzinski, LMFT in San Diego, CA

"I have been a licensed counselor for about two and a half years.  My private practice just passed the 6-figure YTD revenue mark.  I work my ideal schedule (3 days per week, averaging 18 sessions weekly), I see my ideal clients, and I have the opportunity to help pre-licensed clinicians prepare for the private practice world while building their own caseload of their ideal clients. I love my practice. 

I signed up for YBTP two months after opening my doors. Best business decision ever.  I'm also (and this is the important part) SUPER glad I didn't wait until I had the business income to match the course cost before I signed up.  I took a risk, invested in my practice (and myself), and it has MORE than paid off in spades."  

-Carolyn Robistow, LPC in Woodlands, Tx

"My practice is now about 3x the size it was when I started. The course gave me the motivation to just do it…and fix it as I go."

"I took 'Your BADASS Therapy Practice' because I wanted focus and motivation to do the things I needed to do. Before this experience, I would dabble in all the areas needed to build a private practice from marketing to finance to building my website. My approach was haphazard, and I was half-assing all of it.

I found Laura to be real and bold. She just does it, and I trust her. She has earned credibility with me. If nothing else, she is a swift kick in the ass to get going and fix it as you go along. I can speak candidly with her and the rest of my colleagues in Your Badass Therapy Practice Private Community. That’s a freedom that helps me on those days I don’t know what the fuck I'm doing or why I even thought I could be successful at this.

When I started this challenge, I had a small caseload and was fearful about developing my niche. My practice is now about 3x the size it was when I started. The course gave me the motivation to just do it…and fix it as I go.

Since the challenge has ended, I still visit the Facebook page and talk to Laura. That’s the thing: She means what she says. She develops a personal relationship with each of us and responds to all of our posts and emails.

For anyone considering taking this challenge, make the decision to trust the process, get uncomfortable, and don’t quit."

 -John Syc, LCSW in Hamden, CT

YBTP Alumni Case Studies

Every time I open enrollment to YBTP, I get flooded with questions from therapists at all different stages of building their practices, and they all have the same question:

"Will this program work for me?"

I thought the best way to answer that question would be to extend an open invitation for YBTP alumni to hop on a call and talk about their experiences.


 "What if I don't even have a practice yet?"

Meet Lisa and Corina. Lisa was still in graduate school when she enrolled in YBTP, and Corina was working for another private practice and had plans to open her own practice, although her timeline felt a bit abstract. Both women were able to open their practices within months of completing the program and agree that they felt confident opening their practices, never questioned their value, and were able to maintain an abundance mindset as they opened their doors.

"I'm in my first year of building my practice. Am I too 'green' to take this course?"

Meet Erin, Natalie, and Ruth - three women who were all in the first year of building their private practices when they joined the program. Learn how YBTP helped them double their caseloads (with private pay clients!) and their bottom line. Ruth actually managed to intentionally decrease her caseload while increasing her gross revenue by $2K/month. 

"I've been in practice for a few years. Will this course be advanced enough for me?"

Meet Shannon, Katie, and Jadi - three women who had already been in private practice for 2, 5, and 10 years when they enrolled in YBTP! These seasoned clinicians organized their business systems, refined their niches, and increased their income by 20-30% within just a few months using what they learned in the program.

"I'm in Canada - can YBTP apply to me since it's a US-based program?"

Welcome, Canadians from Canadia! (<---inside joke, you'll see when you watch the video below.) Meet Lisa, Jennifer, and Jessica, three therapists from Canada who took YBTP because they wanted their caseloads to be more consistent. These Canadian-based therapists were able to use what they learned in the program to increase their income (Jessica's income shot up 300%!) and - in the case of Lisa and Jessica - scale their businesses into group practices.

As you can see from these alumni's stories, the concepts I teach in YBTP work regardless of where you are in your practice-building journey or where you are in the worldIt's all applicable.

Enroll Now For One Payment of $997 (Best Value)
Enroll Now For 6 Payments of $199 (Most Flexible)


How is this course different from other courses on practice-building?

There are numerous courses on building a successful private practice, but they each have their flaws. Here are the major ones I've noticed:

1. They don't stand the test of time.

I've seen dozens of new courses for therapists pop up over the last few years. Unfortunately, most of them are so basic and aren't backed up by 6 years, 12 cohorts, and over 400 successful students like YBTP. Not only that, but most of them don't offer flexible payment options OR direct access to the course creator. 

Your BADASS Therapy Practice is an investment in yourself and the long-term growth of your practice. You'll get the ongoing support of a small community of other therapists (myself included) who want to see you kick ass.

Plus, you get LIFETIME access to all of the course content - including all updated material. You can go through the program as many times as you want to milk all of the sweet nectar out of each module.

2. They take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your BADASS Therapy Practice is a dynamic, interactive course that helps keep you accountable to yourself by encouraging group participation, brainstorming, and helping you find creative solutions that work for you and your practice.

No two practices are the same, and what works for one may not work for another. I totally get that you have to carve your own path, and I'll also give you specific tips that you can apply while also utilizing your own creative genius.

3. They say the same ole' shit.

"Facebook ads! No, Google Ads! Youtube! Email lists! Learn how to do webinars, podcasts, become an expert in SEO, and do all of this all at once!"

Building a successful private practice requires a comprehensive approach that doesn't rely solely on pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, or becoming an SEO expert. I'll show you how to focus on things that will give you the best Return on Investment instead of convincing you why you need to have 14 different social media accounts to get clients in the door.

4. They don't keep it real.

Let's be honest for a minute: Building a private practice from the ground up can be scary as hell.

Your BADASS Therapy Practice is all about being yourself and not holding back. Let those true colors shine through as you embrace what it means to be a badass therapist. And sometimes that means just being able to say, "Fuck, this is really stressful!" It also means building each other up and continuing to push one another to be successful.

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  • Professionally-recorded videos with detailed strategies, tactics, and specific action steps to take each week ($1,997 value)
  • Fillable PDF Worksheets and Form Templates ($497 value)
  • Q&A interviews with industry experts where we dive deep into the most important parts of building a BADASS Therapy practice ($597 value)
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  •  Exclusive access to The Vault, a curated collection of video interviews and recordings to help supplement the course material. ($147 value)

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6 payments of $99 (USD)

  • Immediate access to all 6 Modules upfront, PLUS Lifetime Access to all course material, including:
  • Professionally-recorded videos with detailed strategies, tactics, and specific action steps to take each week ($1,997 value)
  • Fillable PDF Worksheets and Form Templates ($497 value)
  • Q&A interviews with industry experts where we dive deep into the most important parts of building a BADASS Therapy practice ($597 value)
  • Entrance to our private Facebook community reserved just for YBTP students ($297 value) 
  • Exclusive access to The Vault, a curated collection of video interviews and recordings to help supplement the course material. ($147 value)

$3,535 value for only 6 payments of $99


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