BADASS Copy Queen

A mini-course to teach you my exact process for writing amazing copy, EVEN IF you're not a good writer.


I used to hate writing copy for my website.

Every time I'd sit down at my computer to write a page for my website, I'd open a blank Word document and just stare at the blinking bar, having no clue where to start.

Sometimes I'd look at other therapists' websites for inspiration, but most of them sounded the same: robotic, lifeless, and boring.

I didn't know how to write in a way that showed prospective clients that I knew what I was doing while also letting them see that I'm a real person, not some bobblehead therapist with no personality.

Over time (and after many revisions), I began to learn the secret to writing mouth-watering copy.

As it turned out, my prospective clients really didn't care how many letters I had after my name, how many years of experience I had, or what treatment modalities I used.

They didn't care where I went to school, and they definitely didn't care that I provided a "safe, non-judgmental, supportive environment" (they assumed those things because that's what all therapists are supposed to do).

What my prospective clients really cared about was that I understood them and their problems.

They wanted to know that I got it, that I understood what it felt like to be them, and that I knew what they wanted to get out of therapy.

Once I learned how to do that AND articulate it on my website, my phone started ringing off the hook.

I was flooded with new inquiries, people who finally felt like someone understood what they were going through.

Here is an actual email I received from someone after stating that I had "No current openings" on my website:



Over the years, I've helped thousands of therapists learn how to write compelling website copy.

I teach it in my flagship program, Your BADASS® Therapy Practice.

I've presented copywriting workshops at conferences across the country,

I've run intense mastermind groups,

and I hosted my first ever, in-person website retreat in November 2019, where copywriting was our main focus.

And now I want you to learn how to write amazing copy that is clear, compelling, and conversational.

In this mini-course, I walk you step-by-step through the most important pages of your website and how to organize each page.

In addition to a recording of a copywriting workshop I did at Killin' It Camp back in October, there's also a video tutorial where I write an entire service page from scratch. There's also a bonus Q&A interview with John Clarke where we talk about DIY strategies to improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

This course will help you write the most incredible website copy that leave your ideal clients feeling confident that you're the therapist for them.

I'm Laura Long, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and creator of Your Badass Therapy Practice. I was tired of hearing the same shitty advice that's handed out to therapists who are struggling to grow their private practices, so I decided to start creating content to dispel the myth that you have to lose your mind in order to gain clients. Turns out, I knew some things that other coaches didn't. And now I want to share it with you.

"But I'm not a good writer."

The #1 concern I hear from therapists is that they're not good writers.

You may have been told by professors or colleagues that you're not a good writer. Maybe you suck at grammar (i.e. you don't do words good), or maybe you've even tried to publish articles in the past and were rejected.

Or maybe you just never enjoyed writing. Ever.

Here's a big truth bomb for you:

You do NOT have to be a good writer to be an exceptional copywriter.

Writing copy is SO different from writing for academic journals or even progress notes.

Copy is creative, doesn't always follow grammatical rules and structure, and only requires you to be authentically you. You can be an amazing copywriter, EVEN IF you don't think you're a good writer.

Imagine getting a new client request from someone who felt like you were talking directly to them on your website.


Course Curriculum

Become a BADAS® Copy Queen

  • START HERE: Badass copywriting 101
  • How to Write BADASS Service Pages
  • The Other Pages of Your Website
  • **BONUS**SEO Q&A with John Clarke

"One of the biggest takeaways from the course was I need to connect with my ideal client, not educate them, when I am creating copy."

"I have struggled with knowing how to write copy for my marketing materials. After completing BADASS® Copy Queen, I feel very confident to write copy that speaks to my ideal clients.

Laura is very clear in how she creates copy in a step by step process that makes me feel as if we are on a conference video call. She provides worksheets that also help create a clearer picture of how to write the copy on your home page, about page, and FAQ pages."

Missy RiddlesLPC in Yukon, Oklahoma

Couldn't I just pay someone to write my content for me?

There are a number of copywriting services out there - they're called ghostwriters.

Ghostwriters take the guesswork out of copywriting by creating copy for you. While ghostwriters do their very best to write in a way that is authentic to you, ONLY YOU can get your message out to your ideal client in the exact way you want to deliver it.

Copywriting services can also be very expensive.

A single page of copy written by a professional copywriter can cost anywhere from $500-$1,000 depending on the word count. To farm out every page of your website, be prepared to pay at LEAST $3,000.

In BADASS® Copy Queen, I show you my exact method for writing copy that connects with your ideal client while staying true to your own badass, authentic self.

This isn't about being "salesy." It's about knowing your ideal client better than they know themselves, and then confidently showing up on your website to let them know that you can help them.

Let me show you how to become a BADASS® Copy Queen (or King, or whatever royal title suits your fancy).

Get started now!


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